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European Championship EMX250 Gp of Limburg.

Last act of the European Championship in Lommel, the track has not been changed since the first race which took place last Saturday.

In qualifying Mattia immediately found the right feeling with the Belgian sand, Guadagnini set the second best time, Max Spies closed his practice with an excellent 14th place.

At the start of race 1 Mattia is very fast and immediately goes close to the leader Benistant, his opponent in the standings. Guadagnini in the first laps followed his antagonist and then decided to take the lead and win with a large advantage. Spies after an unhappy start managed to recover up to 13th place.

In the second heat Guadagnini fails to start well losing several positions, during his comeback he was the victim of a very bad fall, Mattia was transported to the medical center and fortunately only suffered severe bruises on his legs. Maximilian was the author of a great second heat which saw him cross the finish line in ninth position.

The European Championship ends with Mattia Guadagnini silver medal.

Marco Maddii: "We didn't want to end the championship like this with a bad crash, fortunately without consequences, Mattia was very good, he won several GPs and many heats, the only mistake was the zero in Mantua, the first year in 250 and fighting for the title fills us with satisfaction. Spies was very good even if he felt tired and he doesn’t feel very well. "​

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