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European Championship EMX250 Gp of Lombardia

The 250 European Championship is back on track, the Husqvarna Junior Racing Maddii team is complete with all four riders: Mattia Guadagnini and Maximilian Spies on the 250 4T, Eugenio Barbaglia and Federico Tuani with the 250 2T.

In qualifying Mattia is very fast right away and sets the best time in his group and also the pole position of the day, Spies gets an excellent sixth time. Tuani closes his practice qualifying for the two heats, unfortunately Barbaglia, due to a technical problem, does not have the possibility to make his fastest lap and is unable to reach the qualification.

At the start of race 1 Mattia fails to get a good start from the gate not taking advantage of his pole position but Guadagnini with a great comeback by scoring record lap times gets an excellent second place. Spies after a bad start closes in 17th place, Federico Tuani 25th.

In the second moto Guadagnini is incredible at the start, conquering the holeshot, unfortunately during the first lap a harmless crash made him lose three positions, Mattia in trying not to lose contact with the leaders crashed again and was forced to stop. Maximilian Spies with a great race thanks to a good start ends in sixth position and tenth overall. Tuani improves with 22nd place.

Marco Maddii: "Difficult day for Mattia, to be able to reopen the championship we lost points from the top of the standings, I am still satisfied because there is speed to be able to stay ahead, he made a mistake of concentration and it cost him a lot. I am very happy with Max's race who made a great second heat and 10th place overall. Well Federico who hit the qualification, too bad for the rear wheel problem for Eugenio that took away his chance to qualify. "

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