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European Championship EMX2T Gp Emilia Romagna.

Federico Tuani again on the podium in the Emilia Romagna GP

Third appointment with the 250 2-stroke European Championship on the Faenza track, the track has still undergone minor changes that have not changed the general appearance of the Monte Coralli circuit.

In qualifying, Marco Maddii's two riders immediately found the right feeling and proved they can compete for the high positions of the standings, Eugenio Barbaglia set the second best time and Federico Tuani the third.

At the start of race 1 Eugenio starts very well and leads the race, unfortunately during the third lap he makes a mistake and loses the leadership. Barbaglia in trying to get back under the leader of the race spends all his energy and on the penultimate lap he gives up a position finishing third.

Federico, on the other hand, fails to take advantage of his third position at the gate and loses several positions at the start. Tuani with a good comeback finished in fourth position.

In race 2 it is Tuani who shines, at the start he turns at the first corner in third position, Federico has tried for several laps to climb the rankings but has not found the speed and has finished the race in third position.

Eugenio Barbaglia, after a difficult start and a few mistakes, finished ninth. Thanks to the two excellent results Tuani climbs on the third step of the podium, Barbaglia is second in the championship standings and Tuani is third.

In conjunction with the European Championship in Ponte a Egola the Italian Prestige Championship is staged, Mattia Guadagnini in qualifying obtained the second position and is the best rider in MX2.

Marco Maddii: ”I am very happy with how this third European race went, Eugenio is second and Federico is third in the championship, also managing to get on the podium, today he was the top!

In the next races Barbaglia and Tuani will take to the track in the emx250 trying to increase the pace and gain experience, our goal remains to finish the European 250 2T on the podium. "

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