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European Championship Gp of Flanders

We have reached the penultimate race of the season for the European Championship, Lommel is the place where the two races will be staged, the track has been profoundly revised compared to the previous editions.

In qualifying Mattia Guadagnini manages to find a good feeling with "hell of sand", Mattia gets fifth place, an excellent performance also for Maximilian Spies with 13th place.

At the start of race 1 Mattia in the first corner lost several positions, Guadagnini in the first part of the race manages to overcome several opponents, taking to second position which he will occupy up to the checkered flag. Spies closes in 21st position due too many mistakes.

In race 2 Mattia manages to get off to a good start by immediately moving into third position, during the first laps he managed to move to second place but due to some small errors trying to recover the disadvantage with the leader of the standings he had to settle for second position. Spies improved his result with 16th place.

Marco Maddii: ”A second place in Lommel is a great result, worth gold, Mattia showed that he can be very fast also on this type of terrain, we are still fighting for the championship and we will try until the end. Unfortunately, Spies made too many mistakes on a terrain that was congenial to him, perhaps too much pressure penalized him, but I'm sure if he will ride more relaxed on Tuesday, he will be able to do a great race. "​

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