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Fantic again takes the podium in EMX125 in Latvia

Kegums, June 4th, 2023

Another excellent performance for Maximilian Werner, who reached the third step of the podium.

The track of Kegums, located in Latvia, hosted the eighth round of the 2023 Motocross World Championship. The weekend also hosted the fifth round of the 125 and 250 European Championship. On Saturday morning, rain affected the day, making the sandy track of Kegums even more challenging.


The two young Fantic Racing riders, Elias Escandell and Max Werner starred with their Fantic XX 125. Max joined the first group and immediately found the right feeling that allowed him to set the third fastest time. Unfortunately, by the time Elias got to the track with the second group, the rain had worsened the track's conditions, so he finished seventh.

In race1, Werner made a strong start, taking the hole shot at the first corner. The German looked like he could hold on to the first position, but after a few laps, he made a mistake that dropped him back to third. Meanwhile, Escandell was recovering positions until he caught up and passed his teammate. Thus, under the checkered flag, Elias moved into third position, followed by Max, who reacted powerfully to the rivals' attacks.

At the start of Race 2, Werner stretched away to take first place but had to let it go in the second lap, where he moved to second place. The German rider lost one more position in the following laps and moved to third place. Despite Max trying to work his way up, he finished third, the fourth in the last five races.

Elias Escandell was the author of another solid performance, and after battling it out for the top positions, he finished seventh.

Max Werner was third overall at the end of the race and held the same position in the Championship standings. Elias Escandell qualified fourth overall, as well as in the European ranking.

EMX 250

The two EMX250 riders, Cas Valk and Alexis Fueri, qualified seventh and sixteenth, respectively, looking for the right feeling with the track of Kegums.

At the start of the first moto, the two Fantic Racing riders struggled to pull away, but Alexis made it to the top ten, while Cas had to work his way up. With a few laps to go before the end, Fueri made a mistake, and Valk could not avoid him. The French rider had the worse outcome and was forced to quit the race; on the other hand, the Dutch ended up 11th.

Alexis suffered several contusions, so he could not participate in the second moto.

After a good start in race 2, Cas was the victim of a bad crash, which forced him to retire after re-entering the pit lane.

Marco Maddii: "Lots of ups and downs this weekend. Great outcome for the 125cc riders, with Max on the podium while Elias qualified fourth after showing excellent performance and potential - I'm happy with what he offered.

Unfortunately, Alexis came home with 0 points, but at least nothing was broken after the crash in Race1, and he will attend the German GP. Valk did not find the right feeling with the track and his result was below expectations".

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