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Fantastic debut for the Fantic Factory team Maddii!

Aggiornamento: 9 mar 2021

Great victory in the 125 class for Hakon Osterhagen in race 1 and 2. Nicholas Lapucci immediatly on the podium in the MX2 class, conquers an exceptional 6th place in the Elite category. In evidence also Matteo Russi (125), Spies and Tuani (MX2) all in the Top 10.

Riola Sardo (OR) – 02.28.2021

The 2021 season kicks off from Riola Sardo on the sandy track "Le dune" for the first round of the Internazionali d'Italia Motocross, the perfect climate allowed us to see great races. An important testing ground also in virtue of the fact that the Sardinian track could host a race of the MXGP world championship tournament.

A day to be framed for the Fantic Factory Maddii Team with the dominance in the 125 class of Hakon Osterhagen and the second position of Nicholas Lapucci in the MX2 class. In the 125 class lined up on the Fantic 125 XX 2021 we find Hakon Osterhagen and Matteo Russi. The qualifications were immediately very positive: Pole Position for Hakon Osterhagen for Matteo Russi the seventh time.

At the start of RACE 1 Hakon Osterhagen gets the holeshot, Hakon flee alone with an advantage that has steadily increased with each lap. In second position we find Matteo Russi, who started very well and immediately behind Osterhagen, but an error in the early stages forces him to give up some positions. Matteo struggles to find the rhythm and will have to run race 1 in defense trying to collect precious points finishing in eleventh position. Clear victory for Osterhagen who takes the first of the two scheduled heats, dominating the entire fraction.

In RACE 2 Osterhagen’s start does not allow him to get the holeshot again but he is still fifth. Already on the second lap Hakon goes back to third position and begins to impose his lines, numerous attempts to overtake his opponents, Osterhagen on the seventh lap takes the lead gaining precious meters immediately. For him victory of the day and first position in the championship, earning the Leader red plate. Matteo Russi takes off in seventh position, but on the second lap we find him in fifteenth place, an uphill race for Russi who, despite everything, regains concentration and finds the right feeling to move up the rankings. On lap six Russi is eleventh but he will still be able to gain two positions reaching the ninth place. For him the tenth place of the day and in the championship.

The qualifying of the MX2 class ends in the best way with the third time of Nicholas Lapucci, the seventh of Maximilian Spies and the ninth of Federico Tuani. In the race: Holeshot for Lapucci who keeps faith with the prediction, the feeling with the Riola track is excellent and Lapucci tries to escape. In pursuit of him a large group of rivals of the highest level, but Nicholas does not allow himself to be intimidated and will maintain the leadership of the race for 12 laps, yielding at the end to only one opponent and finishing in second position on the sixteenth lap. Maximilian Spies' start is not the best, at the start Max is only sixteenth, but already during the seventh lap we find him close to the top ten. At the end of the race his progression comes to an end with the eighth place in the final and consequently in the Championship. Excellent start for Federico Tuani with fourth place on the first lap. Tuani, however, is not satisfied and takes advantage of an error by the rider who precedes him by jumping to third place, a position he maintains until the seventh lap when Federico passes in seventh and subsequently in eighth position. Tuani finds his rhythm and stabilises in ninth position, thus finishing in the top ten.

Access to the Supercampione: Nicholas Lapucci, Federico Tuani, Maximilian Spies and Pietro Salina. The most incisive is Nicholas Lapucci, who still guesses a very good start reaching the sixth final place, archiving the confrontation with the MX1 class riders with an exceptional result. Maximilian Spies, once again does not start well and remains late at the start but will get a good fifteenth place without forcing. Tuani will finish twenty-third and Salina in thirty-second place.

Marco Maddii: "Today we started on the right foot, the guys worked very well during the winter, we were convinced we were competitive and we had the confirmations we wanted, Hakon and Nicholas were very good. Lapucci's choice to race with the 2-stroke in tuhe middle of the 250 4t is valuable and few have done so with this result. All our riders were very good, Spies and Tuani also brought home a good result. I still have to congratulate Nicholas and Hakon for their speed and race management. "

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