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Fantic Racing had a fantastic weekend at the MX Spanish

Cas Valk won in the EMX250, and his sister Lynn got second in the WMX race.

Fantastic victory for Cas Valk at the Spanish GP, with a P3 in race 1 and a P1 in race 2. His sister Lynn takes an excellent second place in race 2 in the Women's World Championship. Alexis Fueri finished the Spanish weekend in the top 10. Bravo to Tom Guyon, who got some good points on his return to the MX2 World Championship after four races.

Madrid, May 7th, 2023

The World Championship moves to Spain on the outskirts of Madrid, on the artificial track of Intu Xanadù. Tom Guyon returns to race in the MX2 class, while the European 125 Championship gives way to the 250 Championship with the Women's World Championship.


In qualifying for the European 250, the two Fantic Racing MX team riders, Cas Valk and Alexis Fueri, need a better feeling with the artificial track. As a result, Cas only managed to get into the top ten on his last lap, with the sixth fastest time overall, while Alexis finished with the 13th fastest time.

In race 1, Fueri got an excellent exit from the gate and transited in third position on the first lap. The 717 Fantic Racing rider, however, needs to catch up with the pace of his rivals, finishing in a good 6th place. After a shrewd start, Valk picks up a good pace, allowing him to climb the classification to the final third position.

In race 2, an exceptional performance for the Dutchman: riding the Fantic XX 250, he started strong, immediately taking the race's lead. He took a significant lead over his rivals with an amazing pace, crossing the finish line alone.

Unlucky race for Fueri, who crashed during the first lap and ended up at the back of the group. However, the Frenchman did not let himself be demoralised, and thanks to a gutsy comeback, he brought home the 15th position.

Cas Valk won the Spanish GP, thanks to the two excellent results, while Alexis Fueri finished the day in 10th place.


Tom Guyon returned to racing after a long stop that kept him away from the track for four Grands Prix. The Frenchman finished qualifying in 16th position but still looks for the pace to stay with the leaders.

In the qualifying heat, thanks to an excellent start, Tom immediately recovered, despite a not-great position at the gate. By the way, the #72 was in eleventh place on the first pass. Again, thanks to a good performance, the transalpine held the position for most of the race and only in the final laps had to give way to a rival, finishing 12th.

At the start of race 1, Guyon lost several positions. However, the Fantic Racing MX rider recovers with determination and stubbornness, finishing in the points zone with 19th place.

Given his physical condition, the second race is more conservative. During the first laps, he manages to hold the 15th position, while in the last part of the race, fatigue sets in, giving up the pace and two places. Nevertheless, Guyon crossed the finish line 17th, picking up again a few points.


In the women's World Championship, Lynn Valk was still one of the protagonists and one of the fastest: during qualifying, she achieved seventh place, therefore also being able to pick a good position at the gate.

In the first race, Lynn started very well, immediately taking third place, which she held tightly until a few laps from the start when she gave up her position and finished fourth.

In race 2, on the other hand, the Dutchwoman got off to a shrewd start, even avoiding a crash by her rivals. Then, after two laps of study, the young Fantic Racing rider entered attack mode, bringing her Fantic XXF 250 close to the leaders. Halfway through the race, overtaking after overtaking, Lynn conquered second place, with a good margin over the rivals behind her, concluding with an excellent second place.

Lynn has secured a spot on the podium's second step in the day's classification with her outstanding performance in race 2, showcasing her impressive abilities and instilling confidence in her potential.

Marco Maddii: "Great weekend for the whole team! Cas was perfect; he found the right feeling in the two heats and won race 2, taking his first win in the European 250. Lynn also did well with second place overall, showing an excellent pace, which we expected. Finally, Guyon's comeback was positive as he finished both races with the points, which motivates us to continue working towards the next races."

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