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Injury update Alberto Forato

Upon his return to Belgium, the Team Husqvarna Junior Racing Maddii rider Alberto Forato has been subjected to multiple checks after the bad crash at the end of race 2 of the third round in Latvia.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the clinical examinations is not the most comforting, Alberto suffered a dislocation of the collarbone (acromion claveare) with involvement of the shoulder ligaments, severe bruising on his right wrist and knee. 

After the consultation with the doctors, Forato will have to rest for about a month. The Husqvarna Junior Racing Maddii Team hopes to have him back for the last races of the 2020 World Championship

Marco Maddii: "This injury comes at a critical time, especially with such a busy calendar. We were improving a lot, after the checks we understood the seriousness of the problem with the dislocation of the collarbone and the strain of the shoulder ligaments, our rider will have to rest for about a month, he will miss the races in Faenza and probably Mantua but we hope to have him for the races that will take place in October. "

Alberto Forato: “Unfortunately after a good first heat in seventh position, during the second race with two laps to go I was attacking to go eighth and I had a bad crash. I will start working as soon as possible to be ready and get back in shape. "

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