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Max Spies wins the second round of the German Adac Championship.

ADAC Mx Master Round 2 - Dreetz - 15.08.2021

The German Adac championship does not stop even in August, the young Max Spies riding his Fantic 250 XX takes part in the second round on the Dreetz track in the competitive Youngster class.

Max is immediately at ease and with an excellent time conquers the best overall performance taking the pole position.

In the Adac championship three heats are held to decree the winner of the day.

In race 1 and race 2 Spies was perfect, excellent starts and an incredible pace that the opponents were unable to sustain, Max won the first two races with authority.

In the third and final race Max when he was in the lead and started to take home the victory slipped, without any consequence, Spies lost a few positions but with an excellent comeback he closed his day in second place.

Thanks to the results obtained Max Spies wins the second round in Dreetz and takes the lead in the championship, there are still two races to be held in September.

Marco Maddii comments on the race as follows: ”Max worked very well and the results are coming, he was very fast all weekend and he dominated the race, too bad for the crash that didn't allow him to complete the perfect race. Now there are still two races in September, one on sandy ground where Max is very strong and one on hard where our driver has shown he can do well, he continues to work to continue to bring home excellent results like this. "

Classifica di giornata classe MX Youngster Cup:

1) Maximilian Spies #7 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Marnique Appelt #440 - Ktm

3) Marcel Staufer #401 - KTM

Campionato classe MX Youngster Cup:

1) Maximilian Spies #7 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Marcel Staufer #401 - KTM

3) Noah Ludwig #300 Ktm

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