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Motocross World Championship Gp of Città di Faenza.

We have reached the second of the three races on the Faenza circuit, the track configuration is the same as in the first race, just some small parts have been modified to make it even more technical.

Mattia Guadagnini after the excellent performance on Sunday sets off to prove that he can be with the greats of Mx2, in qualifying Mattia gets an excellent eighth place, Max Spies 24th.

Guadagnini at the start of the first heat is incredible and gets the lead at the first corner. Mattia for the first ten minutes led the race in a great way taking even a small margin over his pursuers, the young rider of Marco Maddii in the first part of the race gave everything he had and in the final part he had to increase the pace by finishing sixth but giving demonstration of all its value. Maximilian Spies also causes some mistakes ends 26th.

In race 2 Mattia fails to get off to a good start and loses several positions, Guadagnini with good race behaviour trying not to overdo it manages to recover by crossing the finish line eighth. Spies gives some signs of improvement with 22nd place.

In the general classification Mattia Guadagnini is seventh overall.

Marco Maddii: "A beautiful day, the first ten minutes of race 1 with Mattia in front of everyone was the best moment since we have the team, Mattia rode very well and gave everything in the first part of the race and could not keep the pace of the leaders but the sixth place is a great result. This race gives us morale to move forward and always try to improve. Mattia will not be present on Sunday because he is involved in the Italian Championship as he is first in the standings and we will see him again on the track in Mantua in the European Championship. "

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