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Motocross World Championship Gp of Italy.

The motocross world championship returns to the Faenza track after several years of absence, as for Latvia also three races will be held at Monte Coralli, with Alberto Forato stopped in the pits due to injury, the Husqvarna Junior Racing Maddii team lines up Maximilian Spies and Mattia Guadagnini.

In qualifying Mattia is at ease on the hard surface of Faenza and gets an incredible fourth place, Spies has to settle for 28th place.

At the start of race 1 Mattia starts well but at the first corner he slips and is hit by an opponent, fortunately without consequences. Guadagnini is restarted in last position and with an incredible comeback, Mattia has set stratospheric times, closes in 15th position. Spies in one of his first appearances in the World Cup finishes close to the top twenty.

In race 2 Guadagnini manages to pass the first corner without problems and fits into the leading group, Mattia with a good race concluded with an exceptional eighth place. Spies improves his performance by finishing his heat in 22nd position.

Only a few days off and then back on track for the second race in Faenza.

Marco Maddii: “Beautiful day, Mattia finished with the top ten and that's what we had as our goal, but the thing that most impressed us was the fourth place in qualifying. He has shown that he has what it takes to be with the best of MX2. We are really satisfied with this day. "

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