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Osterhagen keeps leading the way

Norwegian Hakon Osterhagen ruled both motos of the 125cc European Championship

European Championship Round 2 – Italy – 03.07.2021

The second round of the 125cc European Championship took place at the legendary circuit of Maggiora. Once again, the famous track hosted a GP after a break which lasted several years. This weekend the Fantic Factory Team Maddii was represented by Osterhagen only, in fact the rest of the team is currently training in Belgium before the next races on sandy circuits.

The qualifying was a bit rough for Hakon, who actually struggled to find the right race pace and riding style for this track. Despite the difficulties, Osterhagen grabbed the pole position.

Hakon could not pull away at the start of race 1 and lost ground after the first corner. Marco Maddii’s young rider took the lead just a few rounds after, eventually triumphing thanks to a solid race pace and no mistakes.

Osterhagen was wiser in the second moto and this paid him back with the second position, conquered right after the second corner. Hakon used the first laps to adjust to the very slippery ground, and later attacked his closest rival to take control of the race. Hakon did well in the second part of the heat and won with a good gap over rivals.

The double victory strengthened Hakon Osterhagen’s leadership, who maintains the current red plate holder.

Next appointment will be on July 17th at the Oss circuit, in The Netherlands.

Marco Maddii stated: “It was an excellent day, despite it didn’t start so well. Hakon struggled a bit before finding the right feeling with the track, however we conquered the double victory and even the pole position. We’re still holding the red plate and even built a margin of a couple of points over rivals. The Championship has just begun, so we’ll keep working hard to improve even more”.

Classifica di giornata classe 125 Campioanto Europeo:

1) Hakon Osterhagen #12 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Valerio Lata #3 - KTM

3) Kay Karssemakers #33– Husqvarna

Campionato classe 125:

1) Hakon Osterhagen #12 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Valerio Lata #3 - KTM

3) Kay Karssemakers #33– Husqvarna

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