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Solid performance for the Fantic riders at the GP of Turkey

MXGP - Turkey - 03-04.09.2022

The Fantic Factory Team Maddii was more than ready for the final appointment of the racing season, which took place at the track of Afyon, in Turkiye. This artificial circuit features a very demanding hard pack ground, which put riders to test. Fans saw Nicholas Lapucci back on track in the MXGP and for the occasion Marco Maddii decided to enroll the current EMX125 defending champion Cas Valkand Cornelius Tondel in the MX2 with their Fantic XXF250 machineries.

The two riders tried to find the best feeling with the new bikes and track.

Cas and Cornelius were phenomenal in the qualifying session; Tondel classified 14th and Valk was 20th.

Tondel and Valk faced a tough start in the first moto and could not find any way to make up ground, but thanks to a solid race pace and their performing Fantic XXF250 the duo was able to work their way up. Tondel’s riding style was smooth and the rider classified 14th, while teammate Cas Valk was 17th.

Cornelius Tondel had a great feeling with his machinery in Race2 and after being wise also this time he classified 13th. Cas Valk reached the 16th place.

At the end of their first MXGP with the Fantic4t, Cornelius Tondel classified 12th overall and Cas Valk 18th.

Nicholas Lapucci faced this GP after the positive performance registered at the Italian Championship. The Tuscan rider had to get up to speed with his MXGP rivals and showed a solid race pace. Lapucci’s performance in the qualifying was good and allowed him to classify 18th.

In Race1 Lapucci was affected by a tough start and despite the rider’s race pace was solid he had to feel happy with the 17th position.

Lapucci improved his performance in the final moto and classified very close to the top ten with the 13th place.

Marco Maddi: “The weekend was positive overall. We’ve gained lots of experience with the new machineries as a team as well as riders and mechanics. The riders did well and scored a lot of points considering that the time we had to use these bikes was little. Also, the time we had to test the machineries was limited, that’s why we’re very happy with the results achieved and we’re feeling positive about next year and the new racing season”.

Classifica di giornata classe MX2:

1) Tom Vialla #28 - Ktm

2) Jago Gerts #93 - Yamaha

3) Roan Van De Moosdijk #39 – Husqvarn

12) Cornelius TONDEL #302 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

18) Cas Valk #172 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

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