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Team Maddii Racing Husqvarna and Mattia Guadagnini together also in 2019

Team Maddii Racing Husqvarna confirms the 16-year-old Italian for next season.

Marco said: “we are very happy to work with Mattia, from the very beginning we decided to start a project with him and grow step by step in the future too, I think we are doing a great job and the results are clear.”

Corrado said: “We found a great balance in the team with Mattia because he is a good guy and he works a lot to achieve his goals, this is what we really like in a rider. We believe that Mattia may be the future of motocross in Italy.”

Mattia said: “I am very happy to continue with Marco and Corrado for next year,

I immediately felt good and I think they are the right people to help me in my future as

a rider.”

Soon we will let everybody know in which class Mattia will race next year. He is still very young and could ride another year in 125 but after three consecutive victories in the European championship 125 and second place in the junior world championship, could also be ready to participate in the European Championship 250.

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