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World Championship Gp of Kegums​

The triptych of races in Kegums ends with the third GP, Alberto Forato immediately felt at ease in the morning free practice, the track for the occasion was thoroughly revised in the final part. In time practice Alberto set a great eighth time overall.

Forato at the start of the first heat he started very well and, thanks to an excellent pace and a good lap speed, he got an excellent seventh place.

In race 2 Alberto is unable to find the right opening at the first corner losing some positions, but Forato has shown once again what he is capable of doing and has begun to climb the standings up to ninth position, unfortunately during the course of the last lap was the victim of a bad crash.

Alberto was visited at the medical center with trauma to his shoulder and wrist, and upon his return to Italy he will undergo tests to understand the extent of the injury.

In the next few days the new press release will be issued and it will be known where the last 9 remaining races of the season will be held.

Marco Maddii: "We were doing a great job, seventh in race 1 and in the second heat when he was about to take eighth position he crashed, now we will have to understand the extent of the injury, tomorrow Alberto returns to Italy and will undergo checks hoping that's nothing serious. However, I am very satisfied with what the guys have done in these three races, the balance is more than positive. "

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