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World Championship Gp Riga

The MX2 World Championship is back on track for the second appointment on the Latvian track of Kegums.

Alberto Forato in timed practice obtained a good 14th place, after the physical problems accused during the first race on Sunday he seems to have overcome the problem and also his riding was more relaxed. In race 1 during the first lap Forato ran into a crash that saw him retreat to the last position, Alberto with a good comeback ended the race in 18th position. At the start of race 2 Alberto put on a good start that made him recover several positions, but at the second corner he slipped and in the fall he broke the throttle control and had to retire. For the Husqvarna Junior Racing Maddii Team a couple of days to recover strength and present themselves in the best possible way for the last race in Kegums Marco Maddii: ”Another difficult day, today Alberto was riding much better than on Sunday and the good time in practice proved it, in race 1 he crashed and recovered. It is a pity that in race 2 in the crash an opponent passed over him on the bike and the throttle broke. Now we will try to rearrange the ideas to be able to compete in the best possible way the last two days of competition. "

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