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Last Latvian appointment for the European 250 Championship, track revised in the final part making the lap slower than the two previous races.

In timed practice Mattia immediately found the right feeling with the track and obtained an exceptional fourth place, Maximilian Spies is eleventh.

At the start of race 1 Mattia is very good at exiting the gate but at the first corner a contact causes him to lose several positions, Guadagnini stages a great comeback that will see him pass under the checkered flag in fourth place. Spies closes 17th.

In the second moto Mattia is perfect at the start and at the first corner he passes second and during the first lap he takes the lead of the race, with an incredible pace Guadagnini takes off and wins alone. Maximilian with a very positive race enters the top ten with the tenth place.

Mattia Guadagnini climbs on the third step of the podium and gets the second place in the championship. 

In the European Open Championship another good performance for Barbaglia and Tuani, the two young riders felt a bit tired due to the three close races but for the third time they managed to take home important points.

Marco Maddi:"We conclude the three European races on a positive note, the victory of Mattia in race 2. For us what mattered today was to find the right path for the starts and to have won a heat, now let's see how the championship will evolve. Mattia in the next rounds will be able to run without pressure trying to win as many heats as possible. Spies with two good heats confirms its form. Barbaglia and Tuani did two good consistent heats, taking home some more points. "

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