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Hakon Osterhagen and Fantic are 125cc World Champs.

125cc World Championship – Greece – 01.08.2021

Greece hosted the 125cc World Championship, where young Norwegian Hakon Osterhagen represented the Fantic Factory Team Maddii. Scorching hot temperature of 45°C put young riders to test.

Hakon was the fastest of them all since the qualifying, where he set the best time. Osterhagen was incredible in both motos. None of the rivals worried him, in fact he was the indisputable leader and winner of both races. Hakon Osterhagen and Fantic were crowned 125cc World Champions thanks to his crucial victories.

Terrific double victory for Fantic Factory Team Maddii.

Nicholas Lapucci and Max Spies GP winners in Lommel.

EMX250 European Championship Round 3, Round 2 EMX2T – Belgium – 31.07.2021

The third round of the EMX250 European Championship took place on Saturday July 30th together with the EMX2T second round. This time the infernal sandy track of Lommel was the set for the World Championship action. Lapucci and Spies both got to track holding the red plate with their Fantic 250XX machineries.

A typical fall day welcomed riders to the Belgian circuit, however the weekend went well as rain didn’t affect the GP. Veteran Ken De Dycker represented the team in the EMX2T challenge.

Nicholas Lapucci immediately found the best racing pace for the 250cc European Championship race. Nicholas’ performance was excellent despite the tough track, in fact he conquered an incredible pole position. The intense training the team did on sandy grounds brough rewarding results.

The beginning of Race1 was very solid and Nicholas could easily take the lead soon after the start. The rider managed well all the rivals who tried to attack him and held the position till the chequered flag. Nicholas triumphed extraordinarily.

Lapucci pulled away also in the second moto and moved to the head of the pack. Despite the perfect performance Nicholas lost the lead during the race and classified second. Nevertheless, he was crowned GP winner.

Nicholas Lapucci remains the current series leader and thanks to the two excellent results he strengthened his position.

Max Spies and Federico Tuani proudly represented the Fantic Team in the EMX2T. The two racers were the authors of excellent results: Spies set the fastest time, while Tuani the second one.

Tuani did well in the first moto. A flawless start was what he needed to grab the leadership, but after the first laps he let it have to his team member. The Fantic duo came home with a memorable result.

Tuani was once again the author of an excellent start in Race2, which allowed him to lead over rivals. Spies slipped during the first lap and consequently lost several positions, but thanks to an astonishing recovery he moved up to the second position. Federico was very close to his first victory, but unfortunately he crashed during the last lap and Spies easily took over.

Ken De Dycker’s performance was solid enough for him to classify fourth overall.

Spies mounted on the first step of the podium, while Tuani stood on the third one with great bitterness.

Next appointment will be in one week, in Kegums (Latvia).

Marco Maddii stated at the end of the race: “What an amazing day! The double victory in Lommel in the two classes was fantastic and rewarding after all the hard work and training. Nicholas was hoping to win here on a sandy track and I’m happy he made it. Max was excellent too. I’m so sorry for Federico, who crashed when he was close to winning the race – he deserved to win because his performance was strong. Hakon was impressive in Greece; he firmly won both heats and came home with the first trophy of the season.”

Classifica di giornata classe EMX250 Campionato Europeo:

1) Nicholas LAPUCCI #211 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Rick Elzinga #44 Ktm

3) Kevin Horgmo #24 – GasGas

Campionato classe EMX250:

1) Nicholas LAPUCCI #211 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Kevin Horgmo #24 - GasGas

3) Rick Elzinga #44 Ktm

20) Maximilian Spies #7 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

28) Federico Tuani #2 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

Classifica di giornata classe EMX2T Campioanto Europeo:

1) Maximilian Spies #7 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Brad Anderson #60 - Ktm

3) Federico Tuani #2 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

4) Ken De Dycker #9 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

Campionato classe EMX2T:

1) Maximilian Spies #7 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Brad Anderson #60 - Ktm

3) Federico Tuani #2 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

Classifica classe 125 Campionato del Mondo:

1) Hakon Osterhagen #312 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Valerio Lata #3 - Ktm

3) Kay Karssemakers #33 - Husqvarna

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