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Tondel remains red plate holder and Cas Valk stunned the crowd with a phenomenal race pace

EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP EMX250 Round 4 – Sardegna – 14-15.05.2022

The Motocross World Championship was back to action just one week after the GP of Italy hosted in Maggiora, and riders disputed the fourth and last race scheduled in Italy. The European Championship EMX250 took place at the track of Riola Sardo, in Sardinia, which already hosted several pre-season races.

The Fantic Factory Team Maddii saw Cas Valk, enrolled in the 250cc class of the Italian Championship, join teammates Cornelius Tondel and Hakon Osterhagen.

High temperatures featured the weekend and affected riders’ performances.

Hakon and Cornelius did great in the qualifying and set the fourth and fifth time respectively. Cas achieved a promising result by classifying eighth.

The start of the first moto was a solid one both for Tondel and Valk who moved to the front right after the starting gate went down. Hakon did well too but a contact with a rival slowed him down so he lost several positions, but after a phenomenal recovery he ended up 10th. After keeping the third position for most of the race Tondel had to slow down and eventually classified seventh. Soon after crossing the finish line Cornelius underwent medical treatment because of a discomfort. Valk’s race pace was very good and the rider followed his teammate and classified eighth.

Tough start of the second race for the Fantic riders who lost several positions after the first corner. In the first laps Osterhagen crashed after a contact with a rival, but he worked his way up amazingly and classified 12th. Cornelius Tondel was not in great shape but did his best and never gave up, eventually classifying fourth. Cas Valk impressed the crowd and took the checkered flag in fifth place thanks to a phenomenal race pace.

Thanks to the outcome of the second moto Cornelius Tondel was confirmed as Championship leader and remains the current red plate holder.

The Fantic Factory Team Maddii will take a short break before the next races.

Marco Maddii commented on the race: “We survived one of the toughest races of the season. It’s been a very demanding weekend for our riders but let’s look at the positive things. We kept the red plate thanks to Cornelius and the third place with Hakon. Now we just have to regain strength and get ready for the next races. I’m very happy with the race result”.

Classifica di giornata classe EMX250: 1) Andrea Bonacorsi #35 – Yamaha

2) Rick Elzinga #44 – Yamaha

3) Lucas Coenen #93 - Husqvarna

5) Cornelius TONDEL #302 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

7) Cas VALK #172 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

12) Hakon OSTERHAGEN #312 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

Classifica di Campionato classe EMX250:

1) Cornelius TONDEL #302 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

2) Erik Elzinga #44 - Yamaha

3) Hakon OSTERHAGEN #312 - Fantic Factory Team Maddii

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